we make mud motors for the working man

Discover The Potential

A new era of Bog Hog has begun, an era of new heights that will bring Bog Hog to the world and allow customers to experience a powerful product.

Our simple, rugged motor delivers terrain conquering performance for work or sport, where the open water ends and your adventure begins. From purchase to assembly we are here to make motoring easier for our fellow explorers.

Bog Hog can help you stay connected, with information about new products, special discounts, and whatever you may need throughout the long life of your mud motor.

First Hand Experience Bog Hog

  • What is Bog Hog?

    We offer do-it-yourself kit options so you control everything from price to performance. See where we can take you and what we do.

  • Explore the Open Waters

    Not everything is meant to be a challenge. Move through open water to your favorite fishing and hunting spots or just enjoy a day in the great outdoors.

  • The Wilderness

    We explore the world with Bog Hog. Watch where the Bog Hog can take you!

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